Jan. 15th, 2013 03:32 pm
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Right. So I watched this movie. It's about this dark-haired girl who comes to a new school. At this school there's this team doing a competitive version of a mostly aesthetic activity. The girl at first spurns the team, since she prefers what she considers a cooler version of the same activity. But she joins anyway, and soon discovers that the team's performance is fundamentally flawed in a way that'll prevent the team from winning. After some trials and complications, she helps create a new performance with which they find success. All through this, she's being extremely slashy with one of the older girls on the team (and there's speculation that a couple of other girls on the team may be lesbians), only to in the end suddenly hook up with this boy who's been sort of on the periphery throughout the movie.

Care to guess if I watched Bring It On or Pitch Perfect?

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