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Hello, dear person. Here are some opinions that I have. Care about them or not as you see fit.

In general, please use grammar, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs. They don't have to be perfect (mine sure ain't), but please use them. Like, at all.

Please don't write in the second person. It's really hard to pull off, and professional writers often fail.

Please don't write a "Character A reflects on their feelings for Character B" story.

If you feel like crossing over two or more of the listed fandoms, I would like that.


There can never be enough Buffy femslash. Although to be honest most of the listed pairings are because Charisma Carpenter and Eliza Dushku are crazy hot. 

Whip It

That Ellen Page's character in this movie fools around with some random boy instead of her really cute and loyal female friend is Just Wrong. Please fix.

Pitch Perfect

There is so much room for femslash in this. Just pick something and go with it. I'm sure it'll be all right.


It's simply not possible that Leslie and Ann are totally straight, with the way they act to each other. And April is, well, April. 

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