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So you got assigned to write for me. I hope you're not too terribly upset about that. Anyway, these are the things I would prefer if you kept in mind while writing:
  • Use passable grammar. Nothing much, really, just keep track of which tense and person you're writing in. Things like that.
  • Please don't write in the second person, unless you're at least as good a writer as Italo Calvino was. His If on a winter's night a traveler is the only work ever that I've read where writing in the second person was an advantage rather than a problem.
  • Please format your work legibly. You know, put empty lines after paragraphs and newlines at the end of lines and such. Solid walls of text are very hard to read.
  • BDSM is fun. Most other kinks are pretty meh (polyarmory is not a kink).
And that's pretty much it.
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