Nov. 16th, 2005 04:24 pm
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Had another harp lesson today. This time I brought my own harp, since my teacher asked me to last time. It was kind of interesting to hear her played by someone who actually knows how. She doesn't sound any worse than the big-ass concert monster at all, just different. More, well, perky is the best word I can think of for it. Got a small bit of music theory as an answer to a couple of questions I had, and was fascinated. The human hearing apparatus is deeply weird.
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I've just been to my first-ever harp lesson. After some looking a few weeks ago, I finally found Ismahni, a professional harpist who takes private students. So today I went to the Royal College of Music to see her.

Visually, she's almost exactly my opposite. I'm a tallish bloke with long, blonde hair, pale skin and all-black clothes. She's a not-tall woman with not-so-long black hair, darkish skin and all-white clothes. She's also nice, friendly and as far as I can tell a competent teacher. As well as, obviously, a very good harp player. I got answers to my questions, some practice and exercises to do at home (after doing them a few times there, so I know how to do them right).

And now I want to go home and practice. I still like my harp, even though the big-ass concert harp at the College sounded considerably more impressive. One might think that it costing about 25 times as much makes a difference, or something.
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