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After fifteenish years I've deleted my Livejournal account. The latest change of ToS that mandated homophobia was way too much. So, since just getting the heck out of there didn't feel like enough of a protest, I also paid for an account here. Even though I actually don't need any of the paid features.


Nov. 11th, 2016 02:56 pm
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I just discovered that my story was the longest one in all of [community profile] femslashex. By only about 500 words, but still.
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Since last Thursday, I no longer have any hands-on technical work. I'm now supposed to spend half my time being a manager at Init (the small consultancy company I've worked at since 2008), and the other half at my current client. Which is the Swedish Police Authority. Where I started with a technical task last November, only I insisted on trying to solve the actual problem instead of just doing what they asked. So now I'm in the position of un-official IT architect, trying to make people understand the organization's problems and, once they do, trying to make them understand how to solve them. It's more fun than it sounds like.

But I don't do anything technical any more. For the first time in over twenty years. It feels weird, but also mostly as a relief. Yes, sure, the technical details can be great fun and very exciting. But as I've grown older and more experienced I've come to understand more and more clearly how few technical problems actually are technical problems. Nearly all of them are actually people problems. And trying to fix people problems with technical solutions is a sure way to get really frustrated.

So now I'm trying to fix the people problems at the people level. Goddess knows if I'm going to be any good at it, but at least a few people seem to think I will be.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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So you got saddled with my FemslashEx requests. I'm sorry. I hope it's not too bad.

These are the things I require in a fic. As in, if these aren't there, I'll stop reading.
  • Reasonably correct spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I don't want to have to guess at alternative words to figure out the meaning of the sentences, if you see what I mean.
  • Reasonable grammar. As in, please choose a tense and stick with it. Yes, you can have various segments of your story in different tenses, if that's what the story demands. I just don't want that thing were it flips wildly from past to present between sentences.
  • Please don't write in the second person. At all. Very, very few people are good enough writers to get away with that. And that includes professional writers. So unless you're the ghost of Italo Calvino, please don't. At least not in this story.
That's pretty much it.
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So you got assigned to write for me. I hope you're not too terribly upset about that. Anyway, these are the things I would prefer if you kept in mind while writing:
  • Use passable grammar. Nothing much, really, just keep track of which tense and person you're writing in. Things like that.
  • Please don't write in the second person, unless you're at least as good a writer as Italo Calvino was. His If on a winter's night a traveler is the only work ever that I've read where writing in the second person was an advantage rather than a problem.
  • Please format your work legibly. You know, put empty lines after paragraphs and newlines at the end of lines and such. Solid walls of text are very hard to read.
  • BDSM is fun. Most other kinks are pretty meh (polyarmory is not a kink).
And that's pretty much it.


Feb. 22nd, 2015 10:48 am
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 I just noticed that one of my stories on AO3 has passed ten thousand hits. That feels like a lot.
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No, not the classic one with Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, this one, starring Charisma Carpenter.

This is not a good movie. The script is cringeworthy. Carpenter's acting performance is by far the best in it, and she's never been more than solidly competent when it comes to that sort of thing. The sets are bland, the pacing is weird, the plot is simultaneously idiotic and nearly non-existent.

The one and only reason to watch it is that it borders on softcore BDSM porn. Starring Charisma Carpenter. Occasionally naked and tied up. She does look amazing, and not just for someone in her mid-40s. So if that sounds like something you want to see, this is a movie worth watching. Just make sure to fast-forward past the non-sex-scenes.
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So yesterday I watched the initial double episode of The Librarians. Which sucked so bad I have to post about it. Most of all, it felt like a cheap plastic imitation of Warehouse 13. Where the white cis-male SUPER-IMPORTANT main character who is SUPER IMPORTANT seemed like he tried to imitate the frantic confusedness of Matt Smith's Doctor Who. Except, you know, without any of the backstory, charm, or eventual "oh, that's what he was on about" that makes it sort of fun with the Doctor. And at the end they had to force in a kiss between the SUPER-IMPORTANT main character and the female main character, just to prove his heterosexuality.

Do not watch this. Go re-watch Warehouse 13 instead. It's much, much better.
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Hello, dear person. Here are some opinions that I have. Care about them or not as you see fit.

In general, please use grammar, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs. They don't have to be perfect (mine sure ain't), but please use them. Like, at all.

Please don't write in the second person. It's really hard to pull off, and professional writers often fail.

Please don't write a "Character A reflects on their feelings for Character B" story.

If you feel like crossing over two or more of the listed fandoms, I would like that.


There can never be enough Buffy femslash. Although to be honest most of the listed pairings are because Charisma Carpenter and Eliza Dushku are crazy hot. 

Whip It

That Ellen Page's character in this movie fools around with some random boy instead of her really cute and loyal female friend is Just Wrong. Please fix.

Pitch Perfect

There is so much room for femslash in this. Just pick something and go with it. I'm sure it'll be all right.


It's simply not possible that Leslie and Ann are totally straight, with the way they act to each other. And April is, well, April. 

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Just got to the bit where they all get sent back to Fairyland. And so far the one thing I just can not deal with is Aurora being with Wren from Pretty Little Liars. I mean, she could have had Mulan and she goes with Wren?

ETA: Really the only reason I'm watching this is Regina. Regina is awesome.
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 AfterEllen is running a femslash non-canon pairing vote-off, based on suggestions from the readers. One of the pairings that made it on there is Spencer Hastings (from Pretty LIttle Liars) with Hermione (from Harry Potter). A pairing that I suddenly realize that I want to read. A lot. But I can't find any! Surely there must be some, somewhere? Help me, Internet!
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In spite of having an increasingly large backlog of unwatched TV series episodes, many of which I know I like (like Warehouse 13), the only one I've actually been watching is a new one: Orphan Black. I don't even remember why I started watching it. I heard it mentioned and wanted something to see that I didn't care about, I think. The concept sounded reasonably interesting, with the clones and the very-near-future SF. In any case, I got hooked.

Like nearly all shows I like, it's got a lot of interesting female characters. Only in this one almost all of them are played by the same actor, Tatiana Maslany. Who is incredible. I'd never heard of her before, but holy shit can she act. It's happened on a few other shows I've seen that some actor has played different versions of the same character. Alyson Hannigan did it on Buffy, with vampire!Willow. Anna Torv and Jasika Nicole both did it quite impressively on Fringe. But Maslany here simply blows away anything else I've seen. She plays a whole bunch of characters, and they are all so different. Yes, part of it is dress and hair and makeup. But there's also postures and mannerisms and accents and movement patterns and facial expressions and... If I didn't know they were all the same woman, I'd be certain that Allison is taller than Sarah. She looks taller! There has been many scenes where two of them were in shot at the same time, and you'd never guess that they can't have both been there playing against each other.

Also, after half the season I can't even guess where the plot is going, but I really want to know. It's obvious that a lot is going on that Sarah doesn't know yet, but I'm sure that she'll find out. Or that it will find her out...

Oh, and there's obvious crossover potential with Lost Girl! It simply can't be a coincidence that Bo's mother is posing as a detective in the same department Beth was in.
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 Just posted another story to AO3. With this one, I've exceeded my posted wordcount for 2012 by 14000 words. And everything I've posted this year has been Pitch Perfect. That movie ate my brain to a ridiculous degree. It wasn't really that good.
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This post exists exclusively to get Google to index that link. The page it leads to is in Swedish, so most of you won't be able to read it. But the basic story is this: There is a group of linguists who every year compile a list of new words in the Swedish language. This list is descriptive, in spite of what our old-style media keeps screaming. For 2012, the list was to include the word "ogooglebar". Which would be "ungoogleable" in English, I guess. It was defined as "not possible to find on the Internet by using a search engine". Google's lawyers protested this, and wanted the linguists to change the definition to specify "Google" instead of saying "search engine". The linguists refused, on the grounds that that is not how descriptions work. The suggested a few different phrasings that would serve to protect the status of "Google" as a registered trademark. Google accepted none of them. So in the end, the linguists decided to retract the word "ogooglebar" from the list of new words.

To retract it from the list very, very publicly.

One of the arguments from Google's lawyers was that the list only had a single reference to the use of the word "ogooglebar". Well, today there are more. A lot more. And you can find them using any search engine you want.

Fuck you, Google. Fuck you right up the MapReduce.

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E Online is running a poll for favorite TV couple, running two couples against each other and the winner proceeds to the next round. They're up to the semi-final round, and out of the four remaining couples three are same-sex couples. The way the numbers stand as I write this, it looks like the final round will be entirely female, pitting Brittany/Santana against Bo/Lauren.

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My second fic for the year also turns out to be for Pitch Perfect. Primarily. It crosses over with D.E.B.S., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Lost Girl. It can reasonably be labeled "crackfic".
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And my first posted fic for 2013 turns out to be for Pitch Perfect. It's 18000 words of Beca/Chloe. Go read. Or not, as you chose.
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The guy sitting next to me on the train to work this morning was reading a bible and mumbling to himself as if he was praying. I was listening to Rihanna's "S&M" and writing Pitch Perfect femslash. He probably wouldn't have appreciated the contrast nearly as much as I did, had he been aware of it.


Jan. 15th, 2013 03:32 pm
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Right. So I watched this movie. It's about this dark-haired girl who comes to a new school. At this school there's this team doing a competitive version of a mostly aesthetic activity. The girl at first spurns the team, since she prefers what she considers a cooler version of the same activity. But she joins anyway, and soon discovers that the team's performance is fundamentally flawed in a way that'll prevent the team from winning. After some trials and complications, she helps create a new performance with which they find success. All through this, she's being extremely slashy with one of the older girls on the team (and there's speculation that a couple of other girls on the team may be lesbians), only to in the end suddenly hook up with this boy who's been sort of on the periphery throughout the movie.

Care to guess if I watched Bring It On or Pitch Perfect?

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This is a really good "Once Upon a Time" femslash piece. Also, somewhat unusually, not Swan Queen but Ruby/Regina. Go read it, you lot.
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